MALMS Luxometer

Are Your Stands Safe & Compliant?

MALMS Luxometer Overview

MALMS Luxometer can be used to rapidly check that your APRON & STAND illumination is SAFE, COMPLIANT & meets ICAO | FAA National Standards

Inspect the luminosity around aircraft stands without having to close the stand for long periods of time. Stand details are configured using a web browser to a secure web site. The Luxometer communicates with the web site using a secure protocol over a standard mobile network data link. Stands are identified by GPS location and the details are downloaded to the Luxometer which then guides the user through the data collection process. Once complete, the result (pass or fail) is shown to the user via encrypted communications to an enterprise cloud server via the HTTPS protocol utilising SSL certificates for highly secure data transfer.

The Facts

So why do airports choose MALMS Luxometer for photometric testing as part of their preventative maintenance?

  • MALMS Luxometer measurements are accurate and repeatable
  • MALMS Luxometer measures all the key criteria specified in ICAO, FAA and National Standards to demonstrate safety & compliance
  • No stand closure required, meaning no impact on airfield operations
  • Typical stand inspection time of 2 minutes
  • Long battery life plus fast back-up battery change ‘in the field’ if required
  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for quick movements around the airfield environment
  • Designed for single operator use requiring little training
  • Integrated with MALMS range of test and inspection products
  • Relied upon by regulators and airport licensing authorities to provide independent evidence that an airport is operating in compliance with regulations
  • Available as a service for commissioning new stand installations
  • Flexibility for other surveys including airport car parks and outdoor public areas
MALMS Luxometer


MALMS Luxometer rapidly & accurately measures Apron & Stand illumination