MALMS Engineer

Scheduling & Recording Lighting Maintenance

MALMS Engineer Overview

MALMS Engineer is an inspection and maintenance solution that records the current status of an airfield’s lighting assets and planned preventative maintenance KPI’s

MALMS Engineer is designed to manage airfield lighting and pavement maintenance data recorded during routine inspections. This allows real-time reporting including runway serviceability, cleaning status, torque management, fault status, inspection status and any pavement issues. Developed following several incidents where airfield ground lighting fixtures have suffered bolt failures resulting in aircraft damage. ICAO Annex 14 section 10.1.1 states “a maintenance programme, including preventive maintenance where appropriate, shall be established at an aerodrome to maintain facilities in a condition which does not impair the safety, regularity or efficiency of air navigation.”

MALMS Engineer incorporates a 4G/Wi-Fi capable PC tablet for the recording of maintenance and inspection tasks. All maintenance and inspection activity including scheduled and remedial tasks are synchronized in real-time with a traditional or cloud based server

MALMS Engineer incorporates a work scheduling and reporting tool that may be operated independently or integrated with the MALMS range of products to deliver the MALMS Differential Maintenance Strategy or with an airports existing asset management system.

Adopting MALMS Engineer will provide airports with the assurance that all their light fittings are being inspected and maintained in compliance with ICAO annex 14, FAA AC 150/5340-26C and FAA Engineering Brief #83, In-pavement Light Fixture Bolts – mandatory for all airport projects funded with federal grant monies.

The Facts

Why airports choose MALMS Engineer to manage their airside assets

  • MALMS Engineer incorporates an innovative range of MALMS electronic torque wrenches that can be used as part of an airports planned preventative maintenance system to reduce the risk of foreign object debris (FOD)
  • Supports the provision of airfield lighting inspection and maintenance services in accordance with best practices leading to a higher standard of runway maintenance
  • Incorporates extensive reporting to alert management with key performance information concerning asset performance, list of work undertaken as well as outstanding or overdue maintenance
  • Supports many of the recommendations set out in National and International Standards and provides the means to demonstrate that an airport is operating safely
  • GPS and RFID capability allow positive identification of individual light fixtures and other airside assets and faults, removing the need to paint ID’s on the tarmac
  • RFID tagging of fittings ensures only serviceable lights are installed and the right model of the light is fitted in the correct location
  • Provides a maintenance audit trail to evidence what work was done, who did it and the results
  • Moving airside map supports rapid airfield navigation and location/recording of faults
  • Replaces paper recording methods with an accurate digital solution
MALMS Engineer


MALMS Engineer is designed to manage airfield lighting and pavement maintenance data recorded during lighting inspections.