The primary consultancy service for airfield lighting systems is the Performance Audit. This is a full system audit that can significantly reduce the risk of an airfield lighting installation failing to meet the required performance standards, and provide the basis for more cost effective maintenance.

To further optimise maintenance programmes for specific airfield lighting systems, MALMS has also developed the MALMS Differential Maintenance strategy. This strategy targets maintenance by using the routine collection of accurate photometric measurements (taken with MALMS) to identify when, where and what maintenance action is required. To ensure serviceability levels are consistently maintained, the approach also incorporates monitoring, to assess maintenance effectiveness, and management stages to close the maintenance loop.


Reduced risk: Enables airports to fully comply – and prove compliance – with the recommendations of all regulatory authorities in terms of maintenance practice, and airfield lighting serviceability levels.

Effectively identify maintenance priorities

Significantly improve performance: Extensive studies on a range of airfields aerodromes have proven that the combination of MALMS™ Technology and Differential Maintenance will enable an airfield to optimise serviceability levels and minimise costs.

Reduce airfield lighting costs: Using MALMS and Differential Maintenance to effectively target necessary work, manpower and material resources enables an airport operator to maximise runway availability while minimizing costs.