MALMS Sign & Papi Tester

Are your Signs & Papi’s compliant?

MALMS Sign & Papi Tester

Accurately Measure Transition, Intensity & Colour

Using a MALMS Sign & Papi Tester is the only way to demonstrate compliance for setting angle & transition, luminance / intensity and colour for safety critical systems.

ICAO, FAA and National Standards specify for the photometric performance of airfield signage and papi’s. The MALMS Sign & Papi Tester allows an airport to measure all key characteristics for these safety critical visual aids to maintain and demonstrate compliance.

The Facts

So why do airports choose MALMS for photometric testing as part of their preventative maintenance?

  • MALMS Sign & Papi Tester measurements are accurate and repeatable.

  • Designed for use for a single operator use requiring little training.

  • MALMS Sign & Papi Tester is quick and easy to use.

  • Integrated with MALMS Cloud KPI Dashboard Reporting  providing information to identify problems, develop maintenance strategies, produce work schedules and maintenance reports.

  • MALMS Sign & Papi Tester is compact and lightweight yet rugged – perfect for the airfield environment.

  • MALMS Sign & Papi Tester is the only system to measure all the key criteria specified in ICAO, FAA and National Standards to demonstrate compliance.

    Setting the angle, transition, colour.

    Colours, illuminance ratios.

  • Integrated with MALMS range of test and inspection products.

  • Inbuilt diagnostics, dedicated support team plus global agency network to provide effective customer support.

  • Relied upon by regulators and airport licensing authorities to provide independent evidence that an airport is operating in compliance and regulations.

  • Available as a service for commissioning new papi and signage installations.

  • Independent, MALMS measurement systems are free from external influence and have a long established reputation for integrity.

  • Used to measure photometric compliance of elevated approach lighting – beam intensity, orientation and colour.