Providing after-sales remote or on site support of MALMS systems under the manufacturer warranty, support contract or other agreed terms of support to customers across the world.

Remote support: This is provided via telephone, email or remote desktop and includes analysis of system problems and suspected faults, identification of operator errors, advice to assist in problem rectification, and software updates.

On-site support: This involves a TMS engineer site visit and includes all the same services as the remote support plus extra training to AGL/electrical engineers.

Database maintenance: Databases specific to each airfield are set-up at the time of commissioning and we also provide support to change, modify or extend an airports database if required.

Remote support enables operational problems to be identified and quickly resolved thereby minimizing interruption to MALMS operation.

On site support adds to a standard remote support opportunity of additional MALMS training and developing product knowledge amongst AGL/electrical engineers.

Ongoing database support ensures accurate measurement and any changes or modifications to an airfields lighting infrastructure are considered with minimal disruption to MALMS.