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IRVR and Runway Lighting

Paul Fraser-Bennison, former Policy Specialist for the UK Civil Aviation Authority, agreed to join us as joint presenter for August 30th 2022 TMS Tuesday Webinar entitled:

IRVR and Runway Lighting – Why does runway lighting matter when calculating IRVR?

Most airports now operate an instrument approach procedure that allows pilots to land an aircraft in reduced visibility. IRVR is used as one of the main criteria for low visibility measurement on instrument approaches, as in most cases a pilot must obtain visual reference of the runway to land an aircraft. This is determined using visibility sensors (either forward scatter instrument or transmissometer). The prevailing IRVR is then calculated via algorithms which also consider ambient light conditions (in daylight) and an assumed value for runway lighting intensity. In this webinar we will discuss IRVR and the importance of Runway Lighting to its calculation.

As usual, our expert panelists were on hand to answer all of your questions on this topic.

IRVR and Runway Lighting


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