Bandaranaike Airport

Tailor Made Systems Ltd are proud to announce the supply and delivery of the world leading MALMS Mobile and MALMS Photobench System at Sri Lanka’s busiest airport.
Following its first major upgrade since 1986, Sri Lanka Airport became the first LED runway in South Asia, and the first in the region to own a full MALMS System.

Delivered in early June 2019, Business Development Manager, Richard Landsbury stated, “I was on site to commission the system with various members of the team, and all were keen to learn and embraced the new equipment. It makes a huge difference when airports understand the importance of photometric testing and what we are trying to achieve. In just the past 4 weeks, the runway lighting has improved vastly, and Bandaranaike International Airport genuinely now have some of the best results I’ve ever seen! Congratulations must be given to all members of the Airport and Aviation Services team, and I look forward to visiting again!”

Included below are 2 standard MALMS Reports- one from the date of commissioning and the other 4 weeks later. It can be seen that the improvements are vast, as the airport now have full visibility of the status of their lights and can plan maintenance around these results.