Macau Airport begins runway inspections using MALMS Mobile

Macau is officially the most densely populated territory in the world and has an airport handling over 7,000,000 passengers every year.

The territory, which gathers 80% of its income from the casino business has just invested in a full MALMS Mobile system for its island runway to help keep the AGL system compliant.

The challenge of this runway is the constant traffic and 24/7 use. MALMS tests sometimes need to be scheduled around flights, and given the fact these tests can be done accurately at over 80kph, the choice of system was easy.

The whole system can be set up in under 10 minutes with no specialist vehicle required. The internal GPS understands where the system is and will automatically check the trailer has the sensors in the correct position prior to an inspection commencing. Driving doesn’t need to be too precise, as the system has an in-built position sensor which allows for any driving inaccuracies and continues to give perfect readings on every test!

The airport will continue to work with MALMS experts to build up a database of tests, which will create patterns of which lights are more likely to fail. These particular lights can be targeted for cleaning and preventative maintenance more often than those which don’t fail too often- again, saving the airport precious time on the runway!